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Please welcome the newest addition to the Lil’ Family–Lil’ Sesame Sanders!
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Over the last 5 years, I have made approximately 2k Lil’ Bernie dolls. By myself (“WITH THESE HANDS!”)
That’s 400 dolls a year. Roughly a doll a day. Every day. For 5 years.

It is safe to say this has been the project of my life.
And I’m so pleased I’ve been doing this for a cause that’s worth such effort.

In 2015, $2.7k was donated to the Bernie Sanders campaign through the purchase of dolls.
The 2019 $2.8k donation goal was reached on March 29th!
All told between 2015-2019, $5.5k has been raised for Bernie’s campaign through doll purchases.
Thank you all for supporting this cause!

I will continue to take 25% of each purchase to put towards Our Revolution
Check out the Charities page for more info on where donations are going and have gone.


 “Demand for Bernie – the doll and the real guy – may be high for some time to come.”
– TIME Magazine

“The Lil’ Bernie dolls represent what grassroots activism means to Engel:
One idea by one person shown to a few people and passed on to a few more people until it snowballs.”
– The Boston Globe

“The stuffed doll that charmed a nation.”
– The Guardian

Lil’ Bernie is not just a handmade doll created in the image of Bernie Sanders by professional seamstress Emily Engel,
it is a symbol of the revolution we’ve all been fighting for. Over a thousand dolls have been made and shipped
across the country and Canada, all slightly unique, and all a representation of our movement.


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