Who are you and what do you do?
My name is Emily Engel and I am a professional seamstress, business owner and Bernie Supporter! I currently work in a tailoring and alterations shop located in western Massachusetts. In my spare time (which I have little of) I craft and cross-stitch.

What was your purpose for making this doll?
I knew I wanted to support the campaign any way I could, and what better way than a needle and thread? I have a very grass-roots career and I knew that fellow Bernie supporters would appreciate that. In the first eight days of Lil’ Bernie being available to the public, In the first round of sales in September 2016, I sold 150 dolls and donated $2,700 to Bernie’s campaign. The second round of orders opened up the day after Christmas and I sold 25 dolls IN ONE MINUTE and an additional 175 in eleven hours.

Why not just sell the pattern so people can make their own Lil’ Bernie?
I have been asked several times about selling patterns/kits so people can make the dolls themselves, and/or alleviate some of my workload. As much as I appreciate the idea, the answer is no, for three reasons:
1. There is no pattern. I don’t have one, and I’ve never used one. I’ve been making dolls for five years, and I’ve never found it necessary to use them.
2. I use upwards of 15 different materials/threads to make the doll. This is not an easy little project. Shipping them would be impossible.
3. Lil’ Bernie is now a registered trademark of my company Bx Custom Sewn; I invested a lot of money in order to do that. Putting the plans in the hands of others would be undermining my own work. Also, quality control is a factor.

How much are the dolls?
They are being sold for $55 each plus $7 for shipping. 25% of every purchase benefits the charity of your choosing.

What are the specs of the doll?
Lil’ Bernie stands at 1-ft tall and 6-inches wide. His eyes are made of black hook buttons and the clothing and glasses are all handmade. He’s stuffed with polyester fiberfill.

Where will you ship?
I will ship anywhere within the continental United States. Sorry, I will not ship internationally.