Poke Me Donald


Poke Me Donald Pincushion with red, white and blue pins.

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From the entitled Socialist broad who brought you Lil’ Bernie, say hello to Poke Me Donald, America’s Best Pincushion!

PMD is a 100% hand made in America item that starts out as a standard tomato pincushion, but thanks to the power of MAGA, is recreated to resemble our country’s FAVORITE President!

Complete with orange, potato-shaped head, abnormally long necktie and those fab teeny hands, PMD measures 4″-tall by 3″-wide (perfectly to scale with his 53″ waist line).

Completely usable for seamstresses and crafters as a standard pincushion, but also doubles as an emotional support item for us snowflakes. You won’t believe the catharsis!

Comes with a set of festive red, white and blue pins.